The spine is made of interlocking pieces which include the vertebrae, facet joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Back pain arises when any of these components malfunctions due to stress, unhealthy postures, chronic illnesses among other reasons. There are different approaches that are dedicated to the treatment of back pain. This piece compares the traditional and the alternative methods as well as recommend on which one you should opt for.

Traditional approach

This method of treatment is essentially more modern than the name may suggest. It involves seeing an orthopedic specialist who medically analyzes your condition and prescribes treatment. More often than not, they will do substandard work. Some of the common treatments they perform include:

  • Cortisone injection- this shot of steroids relieves you off inflammation by killing tissues in the inflamed area. Sounds harsh, right?
  • Back surgery- involves removing a part of the disc that is pressurizing your nerves.
  • Physical therapy- once you attend such sessions, you will find yourself on stationary bikes, and specialists will use ice, ultrasounds and electronic stimulation as they try to heal your back.


  • Such procedures do not address the underlying root problem. They all tend to solve your issue based on the symptoms. If, for example, you undergo injections, your pain will go away, but will resume after some weeks.
  • They have side effects. You will end up developing other problems in addition to an unresolved back pain. This is because drugs are involved in treatment.
  • Physical therapy adds stress to an already stressed back and may end up causing more pain.
  • Surgery may bring up problems in the future as you age.

Alternative approach

Specialists in this practice do the following:

Massage therapy

Correct massages work miracles in eradicating back pain. There are different kinds of therapists; always ensure that you have the right one attending to you. If they have certifications on either orthopedic or medical massage, they can identify the cause problem and make the right attempts to resolve. They also give you one on one interaction and suggest ideas on how to keep your back in check.

Post rehabilitation fitness training

This practice involves applying targeted strength to improve muscle imbalances and is inclined to restoring your fitness to a pre-injury state. Specialists upon receiving your doctor’s approval, establish goals, set up a plan and oversee the whole process. The plan they make is always:

  • Challenging but realistic
  • Unique to each client depending on the exact problem they have.

Manual physical therapy

Contrary to traditional physical therapy, this process involves hands-on muscle work. As one back pain Charlotte clinic put it, they perform thorough evaluations and spend time on you thereby increasing the chance of good results. This process also addresses the body as a whole which is more advantageous to you as a client.

Evidently, doctors and surgeons offer substandard solutions. They are just trained to use tools, treat the symptoms and prescribe drugs. In fact, many of them are just there for the money. Why spend more cash on rich doctors yet get little value for the same? It is advisable to opt for the incredibly beneficial alternative methods. With them, you have a better chance of actually getting well completely.