Many thanks to Martin for setting up this blogging session at #solo11. I have been blogging for 6 years and have found it a very useful way of communicating ideas and getting feedback. I am now strongly convinced that blogs are a better technical platform for formal and informal communication os science. There is, for example, no technical reason why scholarly publications should not be on WordPress rather than some proprietary backroom system.

This post is short, to test Martin’s blog. Here are some advantages of blogs:

  • The authoring interface is natural (I use Word, others type directly, some use LaTeX)
  • There are many natural tools that come as standard (index, search, archive, chronology)
  • Blog feeds can be filtered, combined, repurposed. (Ever tried repurposing a PDF hamburger?)
  • You can subscribe to feeds and get immediate notification
  • There is a really easy way to comment. Some blogs get 100 comments in a day. It’s rapid. Feedback is great
  • Blogs can be hyperlinked so a subject can be discussed in many places
  • specialist plugins can be built (e.g. for chemistry, scholarly publication)
  • … and I can keep going

and some disadvantages

  • you don’t get citations
  • you don’t get citations
  • you dont’ get citations

That’s a human problem, not a technical one.