With each passing day, we are getting addicted to the machines. Sometimes it gets impossible to complete a task without a machine but, do you really think that machines can challenge the human intelligence?

Today we’re going to talk about several experiments conducted by scientists to test the physical performance capabilities of humans. At the end of the day, we can decide who is physically active and more useful and what is the future of the world when we are stuck in between human and machines?


There was a time when people used to climb the trees and mountains without any machines around them. They used to work hard and put all their dedication. Now, the invention of new machines has changed the trends. There are multiple machines introduced these days that can help you climb a mountain or building or there are others that can climb a structure themselves.

Sometimes, machines fail to complete the task as proper instructions and hurdles of the way are not added in the machine’s system. A human can easily find a way to overcome the hurdle. Expert climbers can easily climb a building or a mountain. Consider taking a look at the best climbing machines reviewed by topprobe.com if you want to find out that how these climbers practice their skills.


Humans can understand the meaning of different words from another language if they are not familiar with that language but machines are not capable of doing so. Humans can even create some new words according to their requirements while a machine is unable to do so.

Machines are only capable of using the information that is stored in them, otherwise, they are nothing but useless inventions. However, a machine cannot think and find new words like humans.


Machines win the race when you compete them in remembering the roadways. The machines are designed under multiple algorithms that work at the same time to produce efficient results. The human mind is also designed to handle multiple tasks at the same time but when it comes to competing with the machine in remembering roadways, the machines win.

How? While you are going to be busy in finding the right way to get at the place, a machine will be able to find the shortcuts to reach there. In some cases, you can’t compete with the machine because it’s not possible.


There are different banks and companies there different machines are installed to handle the human tasks. Some of these machines are fast enough that they can complete the hours’ job just in a few seconds. The humans can’t compete with the machines in this aspect as well. There are multiple machines working these days that can manufacture thousands of products just in a few minutes.

However, machines are still not proved to be better than the human as they are designed with the efforts of the human mind.