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Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips.


Interesting facts that are hidden in the Biomedical field are out now!

Clinical Engineering

The medical field is in need of a lot of clinical engineers. Follow the site for regular updates.

Medical Science

Medical Informatics

Information is the biggest wealth and so is medical informatics in the field of medicine.

Medical physics

Know all that you have to know about medical physics and keep yourself updated.


Science online London has opened the doors and helped me access a ton of information which is very beneficial for my research. I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge, and this is a place anyone should go to if they need any information on medical science.



Announcing this year’s Science Online Programme — and your chance to help us shape the event

It’s drum roll time as we’re finally to pull back the metaphorical curtain and share the details of the programme for this...
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Education Health Science

Session announcement: Real-time statistics in science

Victor Henning, Richard Grant, Virginia Barbour Academic prestige, setting research trends, getting jobs and tenure, grant funding – they are largely based...
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Health Tech

Workshop posts on other sites

Due to the strain on the site in the morning, we asked some participants to use their own sites to...
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Health Tech

Your blog is only as good as the technology?

The blogging workshop at Science Online London (2011) is a salutary reminder that online demo’s depend heavily on the underlying...
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Welcome to the Advanced Session!

This afternoon continues where we left off this morning. If you were not at the morning session, you can join...
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