Television experience has gone to regions only previously imagined. The picture quality is exquisite.TVs moved from being image and sound to more about sharper, crisper and high-fidelity graphics.Manufacturers are rushing to be the best innovators in the market and provide luxury and style even for TVs.

One of the highest rated Samsung 4k TV is the Samsung UE65JS9500.The picture quality is unblemished. It has many features and is a smart TV. The UHD has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 translating to 8.3 million pixels.It gives you all the features of the latest TV models and more. The size ranges from 65-inch monsters to the best 48-inch TV.

Samsung TVs come with a content pack that is customized by the manufacturer.UHD TVs are the way to go since broadcasting may also move to live UHD content. The Women’s World Cup 2015 may also be aired as 8k broadcast. The 4k TV makes use of advancements like as Quantum Dot, OLED and HDR. Videos are portrayed with stunning picture effects.

The price for the TV is fair when prestige and elegance living is the choice. The prices range from $2,000 to $ 6,000 depending on the size as of 2015. The price is affected by the shape of the screen: flat or curved. The processor also matters. Some are made with Octa-core processor, while others quad core processor. Octa has eight processors while quad has 4 processors.

More and more content is going to be 4k in 2015. Samsung also uses the Peak Illuminator Pro feature, for brighter whites, sharper specifics, higher dynamic array, and more pulsating colors. You can stream Netflix and YouTube 4k videos using HEVC compression. You can transfer content to your TV without a cable.They have the more audio channels and greater 3D experience due to a 2.0 HDMI cable. The Samsung JS8500 4K Series Televisionsis an example of a TV that can be used with 3D glasses

It uses Micro Dimming technology also that include edge and local lighting. This enhances the contrast and picture sharpness. It reduces on aura effect. The TV is illuminated from the rare by LED light. The LED light is adjustable to the best quality image possible. It is the most lavish of all the lighting.They have a wider view span that is still great. You get to see more lifelike picture and enjoy your watching.Your watching experience gets to its peak.

Samsung UE65JS9500

The width of the screen is 65-inch. It is high definition Freeview and Freesat TV. The resolution for this make is UHD 4K. It employsLED Backlit panel technology. The screen is also concave and measures 917 by 1450 by 379 millimetres.The brightness is unique and colour combination is exceptional. It has a more impactful character and is so welcoming to watch TV.Its absolute best is obtained when watching HDR content but it stills performing very well with other content.It has a simple graphical interface and therefore easy to operate.

Another highly rated 4k TV is the Samsung Curved 4K UHD HU9000. You get to appreciate every seating with your TV. It is an evolutionary TV. There is also the Samsung HU7500 whose display is amazing while video processing is out of this world. Others include: Samsung SUHD JS9500 piece, Samsung UN55HU8700 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra.

The Samsung collection is a see-believe experience.