Swimming is an exercise which is one of the most fun ways to spend time together. Swimming is one of the most enjoyable things one can do but do not underestimate the dangerous swimming can have without any preparations. It is said that people die from drowning every 10 minutes. Before you get into the water, there are certain tips that you can follow, which will make it safer.

Never swim alone

Swimming should happen only in the presence of a lifeguard. A lifeguard is someone who can allow you the safety and also help you understand certain concerns which might arise. They are trained specifically to help respond to any emergency situation. If you are looking for more information on lifeguards, check out simplysurvival.com.

Supervise a child when in waters

We need to understand that parents need to relax too. When you have a child involved, you need to make sure that you have the right alerts which will allow your children to be in arm’s length all the time. This rule is especially true when your child is in pool, lakes and bathtubs. Try to make sure that you are vigilant when children are swimming.

Do not play breath-holding games

Breath-holding games is one of those games which can cause drowning. There are many children who need to understand the water-related activities can be dangerous. Holding their breath for too long can lead to the risk of you passing out in the water, ultimately drowning. Make sure that you understand proper breathing techniques which will allow you to avoid problems.

Always wear a life vest

Young children or inexperienced swimmer must all-time wear life jackets. There is plenty of product on the market which claims to help children stay afloat like water wings, floats, pool noodles, etc. These are just unnecessary, but a life jacket will ensure that you have all the products right. The lifejacket or the floatation device is something that one should not ignore especially when you are learning.

Do not jump into the water to save a friend

If you see your friend struggling, you need to make sure you follow a safer water program which is reach, throw, don’t go. This is a technique which involves you throwing a long object which will allow you to stay safe. This is one step which will allow you to stay together by putting themselves at risk.

Always enter water feet first

There are many injuries which can occur when kids jump into the pool headfirst in shallow waters. Make sure that you child understands the proper way to enter and exit a pool. If you want to jump into a pool, make sure you do it right and at a safe distance.