Polymers are substances that are made up of the same kind of linkage and that consists of a large number of structural units. In most of the cases, they form a chain like structure. Some of the natural polymers include starch, cellulose and rubber. The man-made artificial polymers have been in existence since 1832. In the present situation, polymers play a very integral part in our everyday lives. The important characteristic feature of polymers is that they are low dielectric constant materials which make them the ideal choice in many ways.  In this article, we will see the Advantages of using polymers.


Compared to any other material, machined polymers are very cost effective and very reliable. The parts made by machined polymers are very light and hence has a lot of advantage over metals and most of the other materials. It also increases the lifetime of the machine. Low power motors can be used to operate as they will require high power for the working. They create very low friction which decreases the wear and tear drastically, and the best part is that it does not demand much maintenance. The production also happens swiftly and hence a lot of time is saved.

High resistance to chemicals

Generally, most of the metals are very vulnerable to chemical reactions. These reactions can create a considerable amount of damage which might lead to replacing them with new ones. If this need to be avoided then expensive extra coating and secondary finishes have to be carried out. But when it comes parts made out of polymers you need not have to worry about any of these issues. It is because they have very high resistance to most of the chemicals. Materials such as PEEK, Kynar, Teflon and polyethene can withstand even the harshest chemical reactions. Some of the polymer materials can withstand a temperature of 700 degrees.

No requirement of after treatment

Polymers and composites are materials that are both thermally and electrically insulating. But that is not the case when it comes to metals. The metals need to be subjected to some special treatment and processes to have insulation properties. Even after going through all these processes they will not have proper insulation like the polymer materials. When it comes to anti-corrosion properties, there is nothing in this world that match polymers. They are highly corrosion resistant and do have any kind of galvanic effects. Polymers do not have to undergo any kind of post-production works especially painting as they can be produced in the desired colors.

multi color polymers

Sectors where polymers are extensively used

Since polymers have a lot of advantages, they are used across various industries. Some of them include aerospace, medical science, power and energy and a lot more.  The above-mentioned properties are very apt for various industries which make polymers the ideal choice for various purposes.